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The meaning of this site.

This site was made for people by whom only porridge is eaten.

I was continuously sent twice to hospital by ileus in 2001. It is because there is a portion which adhesion sets to a small intestine and is easy to get it blocked with the influence of an operation in it.
From a family doctor, rice porridge is eaten for the present, and the bad thing of digestion of vegetables, seaweed, and nuts is forbidden.
However, it got bored with ordinary rice porridge out of hospitalization, and during recuperation at home, various, in addition while making rice porridge, this site was made from trial and error to serve also as record of a recipe.

  • Introduction of cooking (considered) which does not mainly raise rice porridge for ileus.
  • An ordinary tool is used except a food processor.
  • Various meal material is used so that it may not get tired of eating.
  • It is thankful to my friends.

Thank you.

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